For nearly 13 years, Elaine has been managing events or handling real estate transactions, which require precise attention to detail and stellar customer service and communications skills. Elaine worked for BillCom Exposition & Conference Group from 1998 – 2001 and was instrumental in Elaine Ledbetter of Ivy Hill Associates the planning of many of their top trade show 200 as well as numerous conferences and meetings. She worked in the real estate industry for ten years and then decided to get back into events, agreeing to come and work at Ivy Hill Associates, Inc. Charlotte and Elaine had worked together at BillCom and are a very good complement to one another. She is a loyal team player who will work until the job is done. Her love of good food and knowledge of wine come in handy when working on catering arrangements.

Elaine just completed the American Tree Farm System Leadership Conference in Denver, CO and got rave reviews from the American Forest Foundation staff.

Elaine holds a B.A. in Public Administration from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia and has completed Facilitator Training from Georgetown University. Elaine also has training in Total Quality Management. Elaine lives with her husband and two chocolate labs in Stephenson, Virginia.

Elaine Ledbetter

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